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Student 411 & Helpful Links

Student Parking

Student parking registration is NOW OPEN for the 2023-2024 school year.  Parking tags will be distributed during schedule pickup.   Preregistration is July 14-26 and registration will open back up August 14, 2023.  Students must regsiter every year.  See link below for pick up dates and more information.

*Student parking tags are $75

*Students must show proof of drivers license, insurance with students name as being covered and complete the online questionnaire. 

*If a parking tag is not obtained before school starts, students will need to take all information to the Assistant Principals office during school hours.


Grizzly Den

The Grizzly Den is not a study hall but was created as a period that allows students to explore their interests during the school day while bonding with other students and a teacher that share those similar interests. Students will not only build a strong social support and learn about the Grizzly GROWL (Growth, Respect, Ownership, Work ethic, Leadership), but have time to pursue those interests which can help them identify life, health, college, and/or career goals. Grizzly Den options include topics in all areas of multiple intelligences (mathematical/logical, linguistic, musical, interpersonal, naturalist, visual/spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal) and provides students an opportunity to join a club or organization they would otherwise not be able to participate in due to after school time constraints (Student Council, Key Club, etc). The Grizzly Den period will be every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:20-10:55. We can't wait to see all of the amazing friendships, ideas, artwork, and service projects that will develop as a result of the Grizzly Den. 

Early Check Out

Checking out prior to 2:35 dismissal?

*Send a signed note with the student to school, stating the check-out time and the reason for leaving.

*The student will leave the note with the attendance clerk.

*A Permit to Leave form from the Attendance Office during the morning or  lunch.

*Your student will meet you in the Attendance Office at the designated time. 

Student Drivers

Students who drive to school may check themselves out provided they have a parent note authorizing them to do so and a Permit to Leave form issued by the Attendance Office.

Check Out Time

Students may not be checked out after 2:00 on regular release days. They may not be checked out after 11:10 on early release days.

Student Safety

Students will only be released to parent(s) or guardian(s) as specified in their official school records. If you want to authorize another individual to pick up your student, you must include that information in your note. Please be aware we may call you for verification. Everyone checking out a GOHS student must present a photo ID.

Scheduling Teacher Conferences

1. Always contact the teacher about your concern first by email or phone call. Be patient in waiting for a reply, giving about a 24 hour wait time. 

2. After contacting the teacher and the concern is not resolved then contact your student's counselor requesting a conference. The conference will be set up to include the parent/guardian. student, teacher, and counselor.

Verification of Enrollment

Blue/Orange Days

Students at GOHS follow block scheduling. Students will have an Orange Day schedule and a Blue Day schedule. The Orange Day schedule has all of the student’s odd classes, the Blue Day schedule will have all of the student’s even classes.

For example, the first day of school will be an Orange Day, the next Blue,

then Orange and it will continue to alternate during the course of the school year. This schedule allows students to have longer periods for core classes on certain days, providing more concentrated instruction time. The schedule is provided on the school’s website. 


Yearbooks are sold through the yearbook class, not through the PTO. Order forms will be available at Student Orientation.

There will be a limited supply of extra yearbooks for sale during May distribution. If you have any questions about the yearbook please email the yearbook teacher.

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