Mr. Tanner

Mr. Tanner has been selected for his compassion for teaching and for being a mentor to our students. Mr. Tanner is an AP History, Psychology and Sociology teacher at Grand Oaks. Many students have brought up Mr. Tanner’s name as being one of their favorite teachers!! When asked why, it did not take long to get responses. Students love him because he makes learning fun and engaging. He is upbeat, funny and always has a unique learning style to go with his lessons. He cares deeply for his students and it shows after hearing from many of our students that they have a good relationship and can talk freely with him. Mr. Tanner's room is full of Star Wars, Marvel and cool maps, who wouldn't be happier after spending time in that environment!! The day the PTO went to take a couple pictures he had the kids taking turns acting out a historic period with boisterous lines, all while the kids laughed.

It's not hard to remember Mr. Tanner after just one meeting. He will get you laughing and wondering a bit with his sarcastic and witty personality. He has been a teacher for fourteen years and it's obvious he is living his passion and calling. When these two traits line up it's hard to top the effective difference a teacher can make in the lives of students. Each student is one caring adult away from being a success story. Teachers like him make all the difference not only for our students but our school in general. When students feel better and have confidence in the right areas it effectively changes our schools environment for the better. We thank you Mr. Tanner for bringing Grizzly Nation leadership and for caring for our students at Grand Oaks. Congratulations Mr. Tanner! 💙🐻🧡

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your family, pets, and hobbies?

Wife that puts up with me, two daughters that are freshmen here at Grand Oaks, 3 dogs - From Large to small, and for a hobby, I love video games and traveling.

2. Why did you become teacher and what is your favorite thing about teaching?

I got into teaching because I wanted summers and holidays off. I stayed in teaching because I enjoy the students. You have kids who are 3-4 years from jumping into the "adult ocean" with the rest of us. Just helping them get a positive mindset about society in general is one of the things I enjoy most about teaching. The subject matter is important, but I hope everyone just takes a moment to see the awesomeness of the individuals that we are preparing. What keeps me up at night is thinking about the fact that the student I teach will be hurling down I-45 at 70mph, right next to me one day in a 1/4 ton vehicle. I want to know that I taught them to make good decisions. (call me selfish)

3. What subjects have you taught and what is your favorite subject to teach?

I have taught all subjects in my 14 years. Reading, writing, math, science and social studies. A majority of my time was teaching science in grades 4 -8. My most recent stint of 3 years has been teaching mainly sophomores World History.

4. Who are your mentors and what advice have they given you that has helped you the most?

My greatest Mentor was my father. His greatest piece of advice he ever gave me was, "You can do anything you can afford." Young me took this to mean money in my pocket. Older, wiser me understands what he meant.

​​​​​​​​5. Where do you get your wit and humor?

The quickness of my wit comes from my mom. The sardonic humor is from dad. The honed comedy skill comes from a small improv group in Arizona.

6. What is your favorite movie?

I have always been a really big fan of James Bond movies and I really like the latest Daniel Craig ones. I will never rule out Star Wars and Marvel movies though. I love watching these with my family. They may not, but I do.

7. What book(s) is your favorite and what are you reading now? (you are a history teacher after all 😀)

I grew up reading and loving fantasy books like the Eragon series, The Hobbit Series, and later the Game of Thrones books. Currently, I received and am not starting a book by Bill Oreilly called, "Killing the SS".

8. If you were not a teacher what other job do you think would be fun?

Always wanted to be a weatherman on the Nightly news. I work for ABC television back in the day and miss it.

9. What advice would you give to high school students on picking a career one day?

Simple... Find your passion and commit to it. Be careful though, some passions pay well, and some don't. But then again, at least you are doing what you are passionate about.

10. Tell us something funny or surprising about yourself?

I flunked out of college due to grades my first semester after high school. I wouldn't suggest this route for anyone but I did bounce back and get a Bachelors degree and two Masters Degrees. In the words of Yogi Berra, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." Or better yet, "It aint over till its over."

Congratulations Mr. Tanner!