Mrs. Karla Lewis & Mrs. Yvette Woodward

Grand Oaks PTO would like to present to you our newest Grizzly Nation Standouts. This time we have two at once, as these two ladies make a difference each and every day at Grand Oaks. You may recognize these sweet beautiful faces from our front office. Mrs. Karla Lewis is our receptionist at Grand Oaks. You can't miss her cheerful smile!! She is the first person our students see if they are being dropped off in the morning. She buzzes in countless parents and students throughout the day and is always ready to help. Our other Grizzly Standout is Mrs. Yvette Woodard, our other smiling face in our attendance office. She is one busy lady with students/parents signing in and out all day for various reasons. She is our schools GPS Specialist! When you need to sign your child out she does a great job locating them in our huge building but she does it with grace.

We wanted to bring special recognition to both of these ladies. Often times special people go unnoticed but at Grand Oaks we are all about bringing in positive examples of people making a difference. These two ladies see parents/students come in at their best and worst. From kids going home sick to new students who are scared of a new school, to parents frantic about a parent/teacher meeting and even those that are running late, these ladies see it all. The numerous phone calls and assistance to many unique situations can be an endless pressure but they both do it well. Along with helping out our Grizzly families they receive numerous deliveries throughout the day and are keenly aware of safety precautions to keep our students safe. Words cannot express how much these ladies do in one day alone! They truly see every emotion everyday and they both represent our school perfectly with accomidating and friendly attitudes. Kindness goes so far and is often not always recognized until later when you leave a person feeling better then when they came in. When walking into Grand Oaks you will feel welcome, and that takes a diligent effort. That is a winning attribute that our world is often lacking! A warm caring smile can transmit a silent message of contagious kindness. Grand Oaks PTO along with our whole Grizzly Nation would like to thank you both for a job well done!

1. Please tell us about yourself, family, pets, hobbies?

K.L- I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Andy Lewis, for almost 22 years ! Together we have two beautiful and wonderful children, Sascha (8th grader at York JH) and Sebastian (9th grader at GO). We also have four dogs, all rescues from a local organization. I am also a photographer and graphic designer, I love doing both when I am not working at GOHS.

Y.W- I have been happily married for nine years and we are parents to a lively six year old son named Jackson. I am originally from the Houston area and my hobbies are baking and attending church regularly and working with youth.

2. How did you get interested in getting a job at Grand Oaks?

K.L- As an avid photographer, I’ve been around families a lot and love to be. I also had the blessed opportunity to work downtown for many years and do many start ups. It was a no brainer for me to be able to do both by working at Grand Oaks and be part of creating something new and wonderful for our community along with awesome leaders and teachers.

Y.W- I became interested in joining the Grizzly Family as an opportunity to further my mentorship to young adults and also to expand my career experience within the school system.

​​​​​​3. Tell us about your job and what a typical day is like and what is your favorite part about working at Grand Oaks?

K.L- It begins with a lot of noise (smile)! Many kids walking in G.O in the morning. Once the bell rings, it gets pretty quiet. I answer many phone calls and transfer them to the appropriate individuals when needed. I also give visitors access to the school by giving them a visitor’s badge. Throughout the day, I get to see many of our students and I get to interact with many parents when they come for meetings, to drop lunch or belongings for students, or to volunteer. My favorite part of my job is being able to interact with so many people and have the chance to share a smile with all of them.

Y.W- I make and receive telephone calls, take messages, and route calls. Enter all students attendance records into the computer on a daily basis. Along with this I respond to inquires to students, teachers, and parents regarding attendance rules and absences. I really enjoy the interaction with the community.​

4. If you could meet any person who would it be and why?

K.L- I did not have the opportunity to meet any of my grandparents. My mom’s dad passed away when I was 9 months old and she has always said that I am just like him. I would give anything to meet him! I would love to see how similar we are and would like to experience having a “grandparent” and enjoy that unique love that I have heard so much about.

Y.W- If I could meet any person it would be Michelle Obama. I feel that she has embodied the title of being a strong and successful woman while balancing a career, motherhood and marriage goals. I would welcome the opportunity to obtain any wisdom that she could pass onto me in regards to balancing all of these hats.

5. Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself?

K.L- I love volunteering, designing and taking pictures. Before I came to Grand Oaks, I spent the last 8 years being a stay-at-home mom while volunteering for local non-profit organizations, designing and photographing families and homes. When I am not at Grand Oaks, I love to do these hobbies.

Y.W- Before coming to Grand Oaks I was a special education teacher. I taught for seven years. I love that I could help students to reach their full potential.

Congratulations Mrs. Lewis & Mrs. Woodard!