Mrs. Krystal Hunt

Krystal has been an active member of the PTO and serving Grand Oaks in many ways. A Stand Out is someone who consistently goes above and beyond in every aspect of life. Krystal serves on the Grand Oaks PTO Board as our VP of Fundraising which includes overseeing ways to raise funds for all our students, and staff. This is a huge undertaking considering the growth of our school. The PTO provides and coordinates events including grants, scholarships, awards, teacher appreciation and the list goes on. Recently Grand Oaks PTO had it's biggest fundraiser of the year our Ladies Night Out event which was held at Augusta Pines earlier this month. Krystal has overseen this event the last two years, and along with many other ladies brought her idea into a smashing success. The leadership of Krystal is undeniable as she is ambitious, dynamic and brings a go getter attitude. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, she brings enthusiasm and has creativity all while being a professional and representing Grand Oaks well. She is someone who works behind the scenes that many would not even know the amount of time and hours she has put into helping our school. Thank you so much Krystal for everything you have brought to Grand Oaks. If you see Krystal at one of our schools, stop and say hello and thank her. If you are interested in helping Krystal and the PTO with our events please reach out as we all can work together fostering academic and social success to our students.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself, family, kids, pets?

My name is Krystal Hunt and I love living in this community with my husband Phillip and our three amazing children Tyson, Cam & Layla Joy and our sweet Pup Misty!!

2. Where did you grow up and where else have you lived besides Houston?

I have lived everywhere!! We moved here six years ago from South New Jersey and have settled right into the Spring area!

3. How did you get involved with Grand Oaks PTO?

After a four year sabbatical from PTO. I was super happy and eager to help start the GOHS PTO!

4. Favorite thing about being involved with Grand Oaks PTO?

I love being able to help and be apart of such a great organization with some pretty amazing ladies.

5. Please share about your idea of Ladies Night Out and how it came into fruition.

I helped host Ladies Night Out at my boys elementary in NJ for years and I remember looking forward to this event every year. With helping start a new PTO I was so excited to give LNO a shot here!

6. Now all of us want to know how do you multi task so well? Between working, being a mom of three and volunteering, it's truly is amazing!

Honestly I am not sure how it all comes together. I usually look back and say to myself “how in the world did I do that”

7. Thinking back to when you were in high school what was something that helped you become the person you are today?

Definitely my mother she was always was so giving and always came from a place of Yes.

8. What advice can you give our high school students as they are figuring out life each and every day?

Slow down and enjoy this season of life and always stay true to yourself.

9. What is your favorite weekend activities and hobbies?

I love going to U of H games and spending time with my family

10. Tell us something funny or surprising about you?

I was on the bowling team in high school and went to the state championship!! (I’m officially retired, lol)

Congratulations Krystal!