Jadon Sherill

Jadon has been selected to be a PTO Grizzly Nation Standout for his outstanding talent and leadership at Grand Oaks. Many of of our students may recognize Jadon as a valued member of our schools drumline, an elite group of percussion ensemble musicians that support our school in many events. Jadon is a huge part of that effort and drive to make the drumline rock. One cannot deny his school spirit and exemplified leadership he encompasses. From performing with the band to pep rallies and more his confidence and showmanship is much to be admired. He brings true embodiment of school spirit to our Grizzly Nation and is appreciate at Grand Oaks. On behalf of Grand Oaks PTO, Congratulations!!

We are very proud of you and the effort you bring to represent our school!

1. Tell us a little about yourself? (Grade, Family, pets)

My name is Jadon Sherrill. I am a sophomore at GOHS. I live with my mom, dad and two younger brothers.

2. Can you explain what drumline is, and how did you get interested in music in general?

Drumline is the group of percussionist that march on the field during a marching band show. They provide time to the band and offer cool impact moments and rhythms. They are also entertainers and creative, enthusiastic performers. I have loved music all my life. My dad is a musician. Before I was even born I had been to more shows than I can count. I got my first drum set when I was two and there was no turning back. I have always wanted to be on a drumline and was amazed watching drumlines perform. They always manage to get everyone up on their feet and excited.

3. Can you tell us where and when the Drumline performs?

You can always find the GOHS Drumline with the marching band. We perform at football games both in the stands and at half time. Also during the 3rd quarter you will find us at the student section getting everyone hyped up for the football team! You can also find us at the pep rallies and some other school events on occasion!

4. You seem to have a lot school spirit and drive, where does that come from?

GOHS is a first year school and I am lucky enough to help build a culture that will be here for years to come. My school spirit comes from wanting to create a fun, creative, and thriving school for students. My drive comes from a desire to achieve and create. I love nothing more! I can see what I want in my mind and its hard to stop creating until I get there.

​​​​​​​​5. What do you like best about performing at school events and do you get nervous still?

What I like best is the energy and hype from the student body!! Drumline has received so much love from our student body that we as a drumline want to keep giving to them! They want something new so we write something new... always trying to make it just a bit more amazing than before. Sometimes I do get nervous but as soon as I hear the crowd’s energy I draw from that and the nerves seems to go away!

6. Watching at the school sporting events you seem to exudes confidence while performing what is your secret?

Drumline NEVER reveals its secrets!

7. What challenge has been the hardest for you as a performer?

I started dancing and performing when I was seven. Back then some people didn’t take the time to know me before they judged me as a person because I was a different kind of athlete. We have to look at people for who they are instead of who we assume they are.

8. Who have been some of your mentors?

My Dad, Mr. Drewry (the best percussion director ever), Ms. MP (My band director for my first year of drumline).

9. What is your favorite thing about being a student at Grand Oaks?

I love the support the administration and teachers give to the drumline as we get to help create and pioneer an awesome student culture.

10. Fun Fact: Tell us something unique, or funny about yourself?

I also love to play guitar, piano and sing.

Congratulations Jadon!