Grant Nickel

Grant is a sophomore at GOHS and a kicker for our football team. He is not only successful on the football field, but also as a role model in our community. Grant wanted to do something to help others so he decided to participate with a non-profit ran by Alex's Lemonade Stand called Kick-It.Org. Kick-It is a national charitable athletic campaign to raise money for childhood cancer research. Childhood cancer is one of the least funded with only 4% of all cancer research dedicated to children. Even the slightest increase in funding has a great impact to children all over our country.

Grant's season as a Grizzly has carried plenty of meaning as he continues to surpass his goal. Through the end of the season Grant is looking for donations and pledges for each field goal he sends through. Grant kindly replied to some questions that Grand Oaks PTO asked him below. We want to thank him for being a leader in our school and being a difference maker. If you see Grant in the hallway tell him congratulations!!

For more information on ways you can help Grant's efforts click here​.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Grant, I’m 16 and a sophomore at GOHS. I like to ride my bike when I’m not playing football or practicing my kicking. I have 2 siblings, Maddy (freshman at GOHS) and Peyton (4th grade at Snyder). I also have 2 boxers, Rocky and Myra.

2. Tell us when did you start playing football and how did you become a kicker?

I started playing football in the 3rd grade, I played defensive tackle, wide receiver and corner. I became interested in kicking when I met Randy Bullock when he was training for the NFL combine. He was the kicker for Texas A&M and was drafted by the Texans. I just started messing around with kicking the ball and found I was pretty good at it. After my senior season in the SCFL (6th grade) I knew that I wanted that to be the only position I played.

3. What is your favorite part of game day?

I don’t really have a favorite part, I love it all.

4. How did you get involved with Kick-It Champions?

A couple of years ago I was at a Kohl’s Kicking camp and they had just partnered with Kick-it, I had my first upcoming season at York JH as the kicker and I thought it would be a great way to do what I love and help people. I raised $985 without kicking the ball once. I didn’t do it last year but decided that I should do it this year.

5. Explain how Kick-IT for Cancer works and have you reached your goal?

There are two ways to support the foundation, one is to donate a flat amount. The second is to pledge an amount per field goal that I kick, for example, someone has pledged $10 per field goal and I have made four so far this season that equates to $40. For every $100 I collect it funds two hours of research. I have reached my goal but if you think of it in terms of hours I have only raised enough to pay for 12 hours of research. There is more that can be done.

6. Why does this charity mean to you and what made you decide on Childhood cancer?

It means that I am helping kids that are my age and younger who are dealing with a disease that is scary and this research can help find a cure.

7. Who have been some of your role models?

Jesus above all others.

8. Any ideas what you may want to do as a career one day?

I would like to do something in law enforcement, but I’m not really sure.

9. Being an athlete you face challenges, can you share a time you have faced adversity on or off the field?

I was invited to a scholarship camp in Wisconsin this past summer and for the first round of charting I did terrible. There were over 500 athletes there and I was nervous. I was beside myself because I knew how important this camp was for me and I was blowing it. I knew that I had to turn it around and after lunch that is just what I did and I ended the camp well. I was proud of the way I came back.

10. Fun Fact: Tell us something funny about yourself.

I sleepwalk, and sometimes I’ll wake up and find my pillow in the bathroom or my closet, it’s really weird.

Congratulations Grant!